About Bumax

BUMAX® is known as the strongest stainless steel bolt in the world.
Fasteners are today more and more regarded as one of the most critical components when it comes to safety and reliability. It exists numerous examples of fastener failures that have caused severe accidents and break-downs just because of low quality and wrong material selection. Why take that risk?
BUMAX AB works constantly to develop the best fastener solutions in close co-operation with our customers and are eager to contribute at an early stage in your development projects. Thanks to our expertise in fasteners and stainless steels we have over the years developed many extraordinary nuts and bolts for special uses. Your problem is our challenge.
BUMAX® is manufactured in our own plants in Sweden. Some of the products in the BUMAX®-family are completely unique and cannot be found anywhere else on the market. All BUMAX® products have full traceability (3.1 certificates available for each item) and we can also provide individual marking if required. Our raw material is solely sourced from premium European stainless steel manufacturers according to our rigid specifications.

BUMAX® is a Bufab brand.

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