BUMAX provides extremely high-quality fasteners for various applications within the space sector. Applications for fastener product ranges such as BUMAX® 88 & 109 and BUMAX® DX 129 and BUMAX® Ultra have included satellites, rockets, launch equipment and telescopes.

Our offering

BUMAX fasteners are a preferred choice for space applications due to their high mechanical strength, excellent impact strength at cryogenic temperatures, low risk of galling and very stable and consistent performance. BUMAX also has extensive experience of producing fasteners for high vacuum and magnetic field applications.

Delivering customer value

Extreme Temperature Resistance – BUMAX fasteners offer excellent impact strength at cryogenic temperatures as low as 4 degrees Kelvin (-269°C), as well as high temperatures during assembly.

Low Risk of Galling – generic stainless-steel fasteners can be at a high risk of galling especially at higher bolt pre-loads. This can often require additional coatings and surface treatments that can introduce many new challenges. BUMAX fasteners are inherently at a low risk of galling, which ensures a consistent and reliable connection upon installation.

High Mechanical Performance – consistent, reliable and high-quality materials that outperform in terms of strength, ductility and fatigue resistance.

Customized Fastener Solutions – BUMAX product grades can be produced according to customer specific fastener designs.

Special Requirements – additional custom processes can also be offered such as secondary coatings, surface treatments, specific testing, special cleaning and packaging.

Certified Material & Production – all BUMAX fasteners are manufactured exclusively from European steel and are available with full 3.1 product test certification or independent third-party 3.2 certification on demand.

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