BUMAX enables mechanical engineering company to design for demanding applications


The Hosokawa Alpine Group uses BUMAX fasteners for its top-of-the-range powder handling machines to ensure reliability and a long lifespan.

BUMAX for demanding applications

Hosokawa Alpine has been using BUMAX fasteners for over 10 years – particularly in machines that operate under high temperatures or pressure and in cases where space is limited. High tensile strength and corrosion resistant BUMAX® 88 and BUMAX® 109 fasteners are used as well as BUMAX® HE for high temperature applications.

“We use BUMAX products where we require enhanced fastener properties for demanding applications,” explains Johannes Schuster, Senior Design Manager at Hosokawa Alpine Group. “Our customers frequently demand machines made from stainless steel, including the chemical industry that require good corrosion resistance and machines for the pharmaceuticals industry that must be easy to clean.”

Facilitating machine design

“An important aspect for our design department is the fact that BUMAX products always perform consistently well, and we have never had any issues with the quality of the fasteners,” says Schuster. “This means that we have no issues with tensioning and getting the correct torque, which simplifies and facilitates the dimensioning and design phase.”

Material consistency and good quality fastener threads lie behind the consistent performance of BUMAX products. BUMAX sources stainless steel from premium suppliers in Europe according to rigid specifications on chemical composition.

“Another important aspect for our design team is the technical expertise always available from BUMAX,” says Schuster. “This includes support with normal applications and the long lifespan of our machines, but also special applications where BUMAX can provide us with the expertise for unique and demanding applications where optimal fastener solutions are essential.”

Such applications may involve purpose-built machines that combine high temperature and pressure resistance. Regulations must also be met, such as the German AD 2000 code for pressure equipment.

Use in limited space conditions

The fact that BUMAX products offer the same essential fastener properties in smaller dimensions enables Hosokawa Alpine to use them in smaller machines where space is limited. This mainly includes machines for laboratories and research facilities.

Another advantage is the use of BUMAX fasteners with dynamically loaded assemblies due to potential weight reductions.

BUMAX se comercializa en todo el mundo

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