BUMAX provides pulp and paper company with optimal fastener solution


Pulp and paper company Valmet opted for BUMAX® special bolts due to their high quality, excellent fatigue resistance and strength – as well as quick BUMAX deliveries.

High customer demands

Valmet required a higher quality bolt than A4-80 with faster delivery times. Bolts are required to secure large paper machine rolls to fasten the latches on to the rolls. The bolts must have excellent fatigue resistance and strength to deal with small vibrations as the rolls rotate. The bolts are also exposed to potentially corrosive environments.

The BUMAX solution

Valmet switched from A4-80 bolts to BUMAX® special bolts as the BUMAX solution offered higher quality and faster delivery times. Valmet has used BUMAX products for several years and was familiar with the high quality and quick delivery times BUMAX provides.

Other reasons for switching to BUMAX® special bolts included:

  • Possibility to make precise calculations for paper roll structures – higher quality and proven dimensioning values
  • Higher strength, optimized structure and more straightforward assembly work
  • Good fatigue resistance, excellent corrosion resistance and strength

BUMAX customer collaboration

BUMAX had meetings with the customer and provided design and technical data to their designers. Special custom bolts were made and supplied based on Valmet’s existing designs. BUMAX is always willing to serve the customer and can often make fasteners according to the customer’s own design/drawings.

Customer benefits

Cost savings

More straightforward assembly work due to higher quality bolts and shorter turnaround time. In future, cost savings due to longer lifespan might be achieved.

Environmental benefits

Longer lifespan of BUMAX® special bolts – which require less material over their lifecycle.

Good quality and stability

Paper machinery parts of good and stable quality promote the quality of final paper products.

Reliable delivery

The well planned BUMAX stock system ensures the necessary bolts are quickly available to the customer when needed.

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