Stainless steel premium hexagon fastener

BUMAX supplies premium quality stainless steel hexagon fasteners in a variety of dimensions and grades.

Our premium hexagon fasteners

At BUMAX, we stock a large selection of high-quality standardized hexagon fasteners for immediate delivery. We also produce custom-made fasteners developed together with our customers.

Our stainless steel grades

Different stainless steel grades are available to provide the optimal fastener solution to meet the needs of your specific application. It is essential to consider which properties are needed in your particular application, such as corrosion resistance, temperature resistance, mechanical strength and magnetic permeability, etc.

When the correct stainless steel grade is selected, it will guarantee a trouble-free lifespan and low lifecycle cost. We are stainless steel specialists and have a long experience of selecting the best material to optimally meet your particular needs.
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All our BUMAX products are delivered with full traceability and 3.1 certificates, and we can offer 3.2 certificates on demand. BUMAX 88 can also be delivered with a certificate that ensures that our fasteners are in accordance to the European Union’s pressure equipment directive (PED97/23) as well as with CE marking for structural bolts according to EN 15048.

Customer case story: CERN

BUMAX provides premium hexagon fasteners to the CERN Particle Accelerator in Switzerland. The BUMAX® 109 high-strength fasteners used are capable of withstanding both extreme heat and near absolute zero temperatures.

BUMAX® 109 is used for all the fasteners at CERN, and 130,000 pieces are supplied each year on average. BUMAX® 109 fasteners withstand cryogenic temperatures of 1.9 Kelvin (minus 271°C) and also retain their properties during bake-out temperatures of up to 300°C. Importantly, the non-magnetic nature of the fasteners ensures that they do not interfere with the movement of particles and magnetic field in the accelerator.
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