Strongest premium hexagon nut

BUMAX supplies premium high-strength stainless steel hexagon nuts in a variety of dimensions and grades.

The strongest nut in the world

BUMAX stainless steel nuts are not only corrosion resistant – they also offer very high strength. Stainless steel nuts and bolts have been traditionally chosen due to their resistance to corrosion. However, standard stainless steel nuts and bolts simply do not provide the same strength as carbon steel for example.

However, BUMAX offers stainless steel nuts and bolts that not only provide excellent corrosion resistance, but they also ensure high strength. This unique combination ensures that BUMAX premium hexagon nuts can meet the needs for extremely demanding fastener applications that require both corrosion resistance and high strength.
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Premium stainless steel nuts

Our premium hexagon nuts are certified to international and third-party standards to ensure the highest standards of quality. All BUMAX products are delivered with full traceability and 3.1 certificates, and we can offer 3.2 certificates on demand. Our facilities are approved according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and IATF 16949.

Customer case story: Bladt Industries

BUMAX supplied critical fasteners to Parkwind’s ‘Northwester 2’ 219 MW offshore wind farm off the coast of Belgium. The delivery to Bladt Industries A/S was finalized in July 2019 and the wind farm is expected to become operational before the summer 2020.

As the nuts and bolts are within the ‘atmospheric zone’ on the foundation of the turbine that is exposed to seawater, the nuts have to be corrosion resistant to cope with the conditions. BUMAX provided BUMAX® SDX 109 studs, nuts and washers to guarantee a maintenance-free solution over the 27-year design lifespan of the foundations.

BUMAX were the only stainless steel fastener manufacturer that was able to offer strength class 10.9 – which is also essential for this kind of application. BUMAX was proud to provide the strongest premium hexagon nut.
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