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RINGFEDER POWER TRANSMISSION has used high-strength corrosion-resistant BUMAX stainless steel screws since 2012 as they are able to transmit high torques with the company’s rust-proof locking devices. In 2020, over 80,000 BUMAX screws were installed in more than 7,000 new RINGFEDER® shaft-hub connections around the world.

Optimal fastener solutions for demanding applications

RINGFEDER POWER TRANSMISSION primarily uses BUMAX® 109 and BUMAX® DX (Duplex) 129 screws to provide the necessary strength and corrosion resistance for its demanding applications.

“Before we began using BUMAX screws in 2012, we used A4-80 screws but noticed that much lower torques could be transmitted with such standard screws,” explains Rainer Peter, Senior Product Manager for Shaft-Hub Connections at RINGFEDER POWER TRANSMISSION. “When we looked for premium fasteners on the market, and BUMAX was the only company that could provide the high-strength fasteners with the corrosion resistance we required for our applications.”

Today, BUMAX fasteners are used for all stainless steel RINGFEDER® products, which are manufactured at the company’s production plants in Germany and the Czech Republic.

“The unique advantage of BUMAX® 109 is its high strength, which means that we achieve the same transmission values with our rust-proof shrink discs as our standard shrink discs with screws of quality 10.9,” says Peter. “In 2020, we installed over 80,000 BUMAX screws in over 7,000 locking devices.”

BUMAX® DX 129 for even higher strength

In 2016, RINGFEDER POWER TRANSMISSION began using BUMAX® DX 129 screws for some of its products. BUMAX® DX 129 is the ultimate choice for applications where very high strength, ductility and corrosion resistance are required.

“BUMAX® DX 129 offers around 20% higher strength than BUMAX® 109 and a very high level of corrosion protection,” says Thomas Fischer, Business Development Manager Central Germany at BUMAX.

Global stainless steel applications

RINGFEDER® rust-proof locking devices are used as standard in gearboxes and pumps and other machines around the world. The products are used by pharmaceutical companies, the food and beverage industry, in geothermal and hydropower power plants, ship drives and packaging machines.

BUMAX is available worldwide

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