We offer a wide range of custom-made and standardized products

BUMAX is a specialist in unique designs and custom-made fasteners developed together with our customers. We stock a large selection of high-quality standardized products for immediate delivery. Customized designs that are customized to your specific needs are available on request.

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You can request a quote and order many BUMAX products directly from our website. See the product pages for more information.

Hexagon head bolt and screw

You can order hexagon head bolts and screws directly from this page. Simply, select the product you are interested in...

Hexagon Nut

We supply premium quality hexagon nuts in a variety of dimensions and grades. You can order hexagon nuts directly from...

Hexagon Socket Head Cap Screw

We supply premium quality hexagon socket head cap screws in a variety of dimensions and grades. You can order hexagon...

Plain washer

Plain washers can be provided in a variety of dimensions and grades. You can order plain washers directly from this...

Stud and stud bolt

We offer a range of standard and custom-made stud bolts.

Thread forming screw

We supply various standard and custom-made thread forming screws, including BUMAX Hard Taptite. You can order thread forming screws directly...

Hexagon socket head countersunk screws

We offer a range of high quality counter sunk screws, including the ISO 10642 standard. You can order counter sunk...


BUMAX Lock is an all-metal lock nut made from the same stainless steel grade as BUMAX® 88.


BUMAX Hard is a group of acid-proof, self-tapping screws which can simply cut threads in stainless steel sheets.


BUMAX® SDX Norsok fasteners are accredited to NORSOK certification and can be provided in super duplex grades.

Special products

We work continuously to find optimal fastener solutions together with our customers and are eager to contribute to customer development...

The right properties for the job

Stainless steel fasteners have properties that make them excellent choices for a wide range of applications. We are specialists and have a long experience of finding the right grade and properties for a specific application in terms of corrosion resistance, temperature resistance, mechanical strength and magnetic permeability – to guarantee a trouble-free lifespan and low lifecycle cost.



As part of the Bufab Group, we have access to a huge stock of standardized fastener products as well as Bufab’s global purchasing power. Bufab is a leading supply chain partner to its customers and can provide C-Parts, covering everything from traditional fasteners to complicated processed and assembled components in various materials. Bufab provides services to industry worldwide with solutions in manufacturing, quality, sourcing and logistics.

Bufab’s cornerstone offering – Global Parts Productivity™ – helps our customers to reduce overall cost and complexity, free up capital, achieve reliable quality and deliveries.

BUMAX is available worldwide

Our extensive network of sales offices and distributors makes it easy to get in touch with us. Find your local sales office or distributor below. For other countries not represented, please contact our Main Sales Office.

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