BUMAX screws enhance precise zero-point clamping solution


BUMAX® 109 screws have been used to further enhance AMF’s already industry-leading Zero-Point-Clamping Systems – to provide end users with the highest level of quality, accuracy and operational safety.

Precise zero-point clamping

Andreas Maier Fellbach (AMF) is a leading European manufacturer of zero-point clamping systems that enable precise clamping modules to ensure perfect clamping in the widest range of applications. Zero-Point-System clamping modules are used in milling processes and turning centers to enable fixture and workpiece changes within seconds.

AMF previously used carbon steel screws (class 10.9 & 12.9) with corrosion protection for its Zero-Point-System clamping products. However, the company required a more durable fastener solution to realize its vision of providing the best and safest products on the market.

A new beyond standard solution

“As our Zero-Point-Clamping Systems require a maximum of stiffness, strength and vibration tolerance, we were looking for a fastener solution that would outperform normal stainless steel,” explains Christina Holm, Product Manager for Zero-Point-Systems. “BUMAX was the only solution that fully met all of our tensile tests for extreme loading scenarios.”

BUMAX® 109 and BUMAX® 109 Ultra screws are now used to secure the installation and ensure the extremely high holding forces of AMF’s Zero-Point Systems to avoid any movement or lifting off the support flange of the clamping modules. BUMAX® 109 Ultra is used for some screws with a particular headcap that can only be manufactured in BUMAX Ultra.

“An example is our K20 Clamping Module that generates a pull-in and locking force of up to 20kN and a holding force of 55kN,” says Holm. “BUMAX® 109 Ultra screws are stable against static and dynamic forces during the machining process – even under extreme forces.”

Ensuring the highest quality for end users

“Importantly, BUMAX screws are also available in a range of sizes, which makes them suitable for all our zero-Point clamping modules – including pneumatic, hydraulic and automation modules,” says Holm. “High strength and vibration tolerant BUMAX screws ensure our customers benefit from components with the highest level of quality, accuracy and operational safety.”

BUMAX is available worldwide

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