BUMAX solves breakage issues for Finnish rock drill manufacturer


By providing a high-strength stainless steel fastener solution, BUMAX has helped Doofor enhance its products in line with its high-quality, reliable and durable reputation while reducing costs.

A reputation for reliability and durability

Doofor Inc. is a global company headquartered in Nokia, Finland, that specializes in the manufacture and distribution of hydraulic rock drills and their spare parts. The company strives to achieve the highest technical quality in the drilling industry and has a reputation for providing customers with reliable and durable products.

“Prior to using BUMAX screws, we used standard carbon steel screws,” says Lassi Kungas, Sales Manager at Doofor. “However, we had some issues with bolts breaking before their scheduled maintenance.”

Collaboration to find the optimal faster solution

Comprehensive tests with BUMAX screws were conducted together with Doofor – involving field tests in both Finland and abroad. “The tests demonstrated that incorporating BUMAX screws into our products overcame the breakage issues we had previously encountered with carbon steel screws,” says Kungas.

Hydraulic rock drills are exposed to extreme vibration and severe corrosive environments, so high-strength stainless steel screws perfectly meet Doofor’s product demands. The reduction in breakage issues has realized significant financial savings for the customer while enhancing Doofor as a reliable and durable brand.

“Our investment in BUMAX products has reaped multiple benefits for us as a manufacturer, and for our customers with large cost savings and better, more reliable products,” says Kungas. “As a result, we feel safe in the knowledge that we are using a trusted fastener supplier to meet our high-quality demands.”

BUMAX screws are now used to assemble and fasten various components for Doorfor rock drills.

Ongoing collaboration promotes product development

“As our Doofor product range expands and develops, so do our demands on different types of fittings and fasteners,” concludes Kungas. “We look forward to continuing our collaboration with BUMAX and developing even more tailored solutions to fully meet our product needs.”


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