BUMAX products are extensively used in wind turbine parks, particularly off-shore turbines due to their corrosion resistance, high strength and excellent fatigue properties.

Our products are also used as critical components in other energy applications such as hydropower plants, fusion and nuclear reactors, and wave power farms. BUMAX® 88 and 109 can be supplied with Cobalt (Co) <0.2%.

Our offering

BUMAX provides fastener solutions to off-shore wind turbines that need corrosion resistant fastener solutions in the turbine, tower and ‘jacket’ support structures. BUMAX fasteners can also be found in hydropower turbines, experimental wave and tidal power farms and in the most critical parts of a nuclear power plant.

Delivering customer value

Corrosion resistance – BUMAX can deliver fasteners that are resistant to saltwater, and are selected for their particular end use, seawater exposure, depth, etc.

Low maintenance and long-life solutions – cost-effective long-life solutions that require less maintenance and replacement than standard solutions.

Safety – reliable fastener solutions are essential to ensure the safety of turbines and most critical parts of a nuclear power plant.
Customized solutions – BUMAX can deliver stainless steel fasteners according to customer unique solutions.

Certified materials – BUMAX fasteners are delivered with full traceability and 3.1 or 3.2 certificates on demand.

BUMAX is available worldwide

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