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Our products are particularly used in off-shore critical applications with the need for extreme corrosion resistance, high strength, low weight and a life expectancy of up to 50 years. We stock supplies of super duplex fasteners according to NORSOK M-650, D60.

Our offering

BUMAX supplies corrosion-resistant high-strength fasteners to various oil industry suppliers and oil producers around the world.

Delivering customer value

Corrosion resistance – in highly corrosive environments, such as saltwater at elevated temperatures and environments containing high concentration of H2S.
High strength
– BUMAX stainless steel fasteners can offer high strength, but also high fatigue resistance.
Low maintenance and long-life solutions – fasteners that can be in use up to 50 years ensure low-maintenance and cost-effective solutions, particularly in remote or inaccessible off-shore locations.
Safety – the oil and gas sector has extremely high safety considerations to avoid the risk of explosions and leakages. Extremely high-quality fasteners can avoid corrosion or breakage, which can potentially result in costly consequences for the owner and the environment.
Customized solutions – BUMAX can deliver stainless steel fasteners according to customer unique solutions.
Certified materials – BUMAX fasteners are delivered with full traceability and 3.1 or 3.2 certificates on demand.

BUMAX is available worldwide

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