Safeguarding health and avoiding supply chain disruption during Covid-19


As a reliable supplier of essential fasteners around the world, BUMAX has ensured customer supply throughout the Covid-19 pandemic – while also safeguarding the health of its employees.

Premium fasteners play an important role in a wide range of critical applications all around the world. BUMAX has worked to maintain the supply of its fasteners to ensure Covid-19 has minimal disruption on the global supply chain.

This is part of the BUMAX approach to always be a reliable and trusted supplier that not only delivers, but also follows rigorous international protocols, including the Bufab Code of Conduct that is aligned with the UN Global Compact.

Safeguarding health and ensuring resilient production

“Our number one priority has always been to safeguard the health of our employees and their families,” underlines Patrik Lundström Törnquist, Managing Director at Bufab. “If our employees are healthy, this also ensures we can meet our customer demands.”

At the beginning of the pandemic, BUMAX divided its production team into two shifts and worked with social distancing measures to ensure they did not mix. The shifts were arranged so that if one shift became infected, the other could continue production at the factory – all to minimize the direct impacts of Covid-19 on production.

“The morning shift left the building just before the afternoon shift to avoid the two teams meeting, we also set up separate toilets and canteen facilities for the different shifts, prohibited all but essential visitors, stopped travelling and stepped up our cleaning routines,” says Törnquist. “To date, we have had no cases of Covid-19 at our factory in Åshammar. Not everyone was used to working in shifts, but everyone has been supportive, and appreciated the precautional measures we took.”

Maintaining stocks of essential fasteners

BUMAX has a large stock of products in Värnamo, Sweden, as well as stocks at Bufab sites throughout Europe – to ensure fast delivery to customers in Europe and beyond.

“We always maintain a large stock of our products that are ready for shipping – including both standard BUMAX products and some of our custom products,” explains Törnquist. “We also stock raw materials at our production plant in Åshammar to ensure we can continue to produce our products even if our supply of steel is disrupted.”

Zero supply chain disruption due to BUMAX

As a European manufacturer based in Sweden, BUMAX has a resilient supply chain. Most raw materials are sourced locally in Sweden, with some from other European sources.

“We know that many customers and industry partners out there have suffered disruptions to their supply chains in Asia for example,” says Törnquist. “But I am proud that we managed to keep our machines up and running and we met all our customer needs according to our promises in a timely manner.”

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