Stainless steel premium screw

BUMAX supplies premium quality stainless steel screws in a variety of dimensions and grades.

Our premium screws

BUMAX provides premium stainless steel screws that are third-party certified. All our products are fully traceable and can be delivered with 3.1 certificates.

The majority of our stainless steel premium screws are cold forged at our own facilities in Åshammar, Sweden, where we have produced stainless screws for almost a hundred years. We only use the premium stainless steel from European suppliers that can meet our requirements for chemical composition and trace elements.

Our stainless steel grades

BUMAX provides a wide range of stainless steel grades – to ensure we can meet the needs of your particular application. We can help you find the perfect screw solution to meet your needs in terms of mechanical strength, corrosion resistance, temperature resistance, magnetic permeability, or any other needs you might have.

By selecting the best possible material for your application, BUMAX stainless steel premium screws can ensure low lifecycle maintenance requirements and total cost.
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Customer case story: Cancer treatment equipment

BUMAX is currently the only the only supplier that can deliver screws that meet the CERN 507 standard, which is required to ensure the proper fastening of the vacuum parts in a new proton cancer therapy machine model.

The cancer treatment equipment manufacturer needed a stainless steel screw with high strength and low magnetic permeability that met the CERN 507 standard on its latest proton machine. Standard strews that do not meet the standard can lead to leaks and even equipment malfunction.

BUMAX was able to meet all the customer’s criteria regarding strength and magnetic permeability. In addition, BUMAX premium screws are not affected by galling issues.
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BUMAX is available worldwide

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