Our supply chain

We only source stainless steel from European suppliers and can verify our entire supply chain – to ensure quality and sustainability requirements are met.

Our suppliers

BUMAX sources high-quality stainless steel in the form of wire and bar from select suppliers in Europe. We also outsource heat treatment and surface treatment services to companies in Sweden, and source various oils and chemicals for our production processes.

Supplier Code of Conduct

BUMAX is committed to operational excellence, ethical conduct, fair treatment of all individuals, and practices that promote safety, health and environmental protection. Through Bufab’s Code of Conduct, we communicate our expectations that suppliers to live up to our standards in terms of internationally recognized standards on Human Rights, Labor Rights, Environment and Anti-corruption. The Supplier Code of Conduct or equivalent requirements are communicated to all our first-tier suppliers.

We also follow the Bufab Anti-Bribery Policy and Whistleblower Policy.

Supplier audits

We carefully assess all potential suppliers, and audit each of our suppliers every year. We work together with our parent company Bufab to verify our suppliers.

We place high demands on our suppliers and use audits to make suggestions on how they can improve their production processes. Any identified deviation from our standards must be followed up with a remediation plan to improve their processes and ensure the deviation does not happen again.

BUMAX is available worldwide

Our extensive network of sales offices and distributors makes it easy to get in touch with us. Find your local sales office or distributor below. For other countries not represented, please contact our Main Sales Office.

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