BUMAX provides high-quality fasteners that are certified to international and third-party standards.


The majority of our fasteners are cold forged at our own facilities in Sweden where we have made cold forged stainless fasteners since 1926. Cold forging provides a superior product with increased strength and enhanced fatigue resistance.

We source stainless steel from premium suppliers in Europe according to rigid specifications on chemical composition, a low content of trace elements, as well as low inclusion and slag content.


All BUMAX products are fully traceable down to each individual box.  Every BUMAX product can be supplied with optional 3.1 certificates, while 3.2 certificates can be offered with advanced notice.  BUMAX 88 can also be delivered with certificates to ensure that our fasteners are supplied in accordance to the European Union’s pressure equipment directive (PED97/23), as well as with CE marking and certification for structural bolts according to EN 15048.

Our facilities are approved according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and IATF 16949.

Our certificates can be found in downloads.

Own lab capabilities

All BUMAX products are tested and documented in our own lab in terms of tensile strength, hardness and material composition. On demand, we can also provide friction and Junker testing. All our measuring instruments are continuously calibrated.

BUMAX is available worldwide

Our extensive network of sales offices and distributors makes it easy to get in touch with us. Find your local sales office or distributor below. For other countries not represented, please contact our Main Sales Office.

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