Why leading global distributor loves offering BUMAX


BUMAX works with suppliers and distributors all around the world. Precision Technology Supplies (PTS) is one of Europe’s leading importer and distributor of stainless steel fasteners – and is a major supplier of the BUMAX range.

We speak with Andy Edwards, Managing Director at PTS, and Andy Knight, Sales Director at PTS, about their business and how they help customers overcome their challenging fastener applications with BUMAX products.

How would you summarize PTS?

We offer the widest range of stainless steel fasteners in Europe, and sell to over 40,000 customers in more than 120 countries around the world.

What products and services does PTS offer and what makes it unique?

With our huge range and our extensive fastener knowledge, we’re a one-stop shop for customers seeking the optimal stainless steel fasteners to meet their needs.

Where in the world does PTS supply customers?

The UK is our main market, and our ambition is to be the largest distributor of stainless steel fasteners there within the next five years. Europe is our second largest market, but we also sell to customers all around the world. We gain new customers all the time and have a well-established global network of industry partners.

How long has PTS been a distributor of BUMAX products?

We’ve been a distributor of the full BUMAX range since 2015. BUMAX has great products that provide essential properties such as high strength and corrosion resistance. We know the products, we have the customers and we know how to sell BUMAX – we just need the stock on the shelves. We naturally have our own stocks of both BUMAX products that are standard and critical for certain customers, but we are looking to broaden our BUMAX stock going forward.

Why do you like representing BUMAX as a distribution partner?

We only select the best brands and BUMAX is an excellent addition to our offering. Major customer selling points for BUMAX include high quality, high strength, the fact that it only sources steel from European suppliers and offers full product testing, traceability, and low-carbon products. BUMAX is a trusted brand that is very well known for critical applications in the fastener industry.

What unique value do BUMAX products bring to your customers?

A customer with a critical application that simply cannot fail will select BUMAX over a standard product to eliminate risk. BUMAX may cost more, but the cost of taking on the additional risk in their critical application is exponentially higher. BUMAX also offers the technical support and go that extra mile to support customers and our sales team to overcome any challenges.

What challenging customer applications do you prescribe BUMAX for?

BUMAX offers premium solutions for customers with demanding applications. We provide BUMAX fasteners for demanding applications such as petrochemical plants, the automotive industry where strength is important and offshore applications where corrosion resistance is critical.

Has anything surprised you about BUMAX products and what they can do?

We know exactly what BUMAX fasteners can do and how they can benefit our customers – this is why we took the brand on. BUMAX are our product of choice for the most challenging customer applications.

What do you think the future holds for BUMAX products?

BUMAX has huge potential to expand into markets where it is currently less well known – such as the US. The future development of any new BUMAX product ranges must be customer driven. We see that our customers are becoming increasingly quality conscious and interested in more sustainable and low-carbon fasteners. This is really where BUMAX can excel and tap into even more markets.

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