New product, BUMAX® DX 129



BUMAX AB has introduced many new and unique products to the market during the last years. The most recent addition is now BUMAX® DX 129 which is a duplex stainless steel product (1.4462 UNS S32205) with fantastic strength combined with very good corrosion resistance. Due to our manufacturing technique we have managed to develop a product that combines unmatched strength with high ductility which makes it the ideal choice for demanding applications and offers unique opportunities for designers that requires 12.9 strength class.

BUMAX® DX 129 offers:

  • Very high strength, Tensile strength min. 1200 MPa, Yield strength min 1080 MPa
  • Despite the high strength elongation comparable with A4-70.
  • Excellent corrosion resistance in most environments with PRE > 34
  • Very good fatigue properties compared to A4 and carbon steel 12.9

BUMAX® DX 129 is the ultimate choice for applications where high strength, good ductility and good corrosion resistance is required. We have several cases where BUMAX® DX 129 has replaced coated 12.9 carbon steel bolts with excellent success. Due to its ductility we have been successful in cases where corrosion is not the issue.

BUMAX® DX 129 is available from stock in dimensions M6-M16 in ISO 4762 .

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