Stainless steel premium hexagon bolt

BUMAX supplies premium quality stainless steel hexagon bolts in a variety of dimensions and grades

Our technical support

The BUMAX technical team help customers to find the best bolt to fully meet their needs. BUMAX premium hexagon bolts can help you not only reduce your maintenance needs but also decrease costs throughout the entire lifecycle of the bolt.

Premium hexagon bolts

BUMAX provides premium quality bolts that are certified to both third-party and international standards. Most BUMAX fasteners are cold forged at our own factory in central Sweden where we have made cold forged stainless fasteners since 1926. Cold forging ensures the production of premium hexagon bolts with increased strength and enhanced fatigue resistance.

We only source stainless steel from our long-term premium suppliers in Europe, which follow rigid specifications on chemical composition and trace elements.

Product certificates

All our stainless steel hexagon bolts are provided with full traceability and 3.1 or 3.2 certificates. For some of our products, we can also provide certificates to verify that our products meet the European Union’s pressure equipment directive (PED97/23) or CE marking for structural bolts according to EN 15048.
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Customer case story: UK Sewer

BUMAX stainless steel premium hexagon bolts have been used to provide a low-maintenance and cost-efficient solution to reinforce an old Victorian UK sewer tunnel. In fact, the solution met the customer requirements for a solution with a 120-year design life while coping with heavy loads.

The customer realized that standard stainless steel bolts would simply be unable to cope with the load requirements on the structure. BUMAX bolts were the only product available on the market that could fully meet the project’s objectives. The bolts also had to resist the corrosive sewer environment throughout the 120-year design life, which the BUMAX bolts could meet through their corrosion resistance.
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