Stainless steel premium hexagon nut

BUMAX supplies premium quality stainless steel hexagon nuts in a variety of dimensions and grades.

We offer premium stainless steel nuts

BUMAX provides premium hexagon nuts that come certified to international and third-party standards. Every single one of our products come with full traceability and 3.1 certificates, and 3.2 certificates can be provided if necessary.

Stainless steel high-strength nuts

Stainless steel nuts and bolts are typically selected for their resistance to corrosion in corrosive environments. However, the problem is that standard stainless steel nuts and bolts just cannot offer the high strength that carbon steel can, which leads to the risk of fastener failure.

BUMAX hexagon nuts are different in that they provide both corrosion resistance and high strength. This makes them the perfect choice for challenging applications.
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Customer case story: Road sign fastening

A customer in Norway required high strength hexagon nuts and bolts to fasten its road signs. The new ‘soft masts’ are designed to break if a vehicle collides with them in order to minimize injury to drivers and passengers.

The customer tested many different types of fasteners, but they found that BUMAX 109 stainless steel premium nuts and bolts were the best option due to their high strength and good corrosion resistance. High strength is essential to ensure the sign is fixed securely and can cope with high winds. Corrosion resistance is also vital as standard hexagon nuts and bolts that are susceptible to corrosion that could ultimately result in fastener failure and sign breakage. Either of these outcomes could risk causing road accidents and significant maintenance and repair costs for the customer.

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