Strongest socket head cap fastener

BUMAX supplies the strongest socket head cap fasteners in a variety of dimensions and grades.

A socket head cap fastener, or Allen bolt, has a cylindrical head and hexagonal drive hole. Socket head cap fasteners are often used clamping or to fasten machine parts. Such fasteners are extremely useful for fasteners that are difficult to access with a wrench.

Ultra-high strength socket head cap fasteners

We offer high strength socket head cap fasteners ranging from strength class 8.8 to 16.9. BUMAX offer ultra-high strength combined with excellent ductility.
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The strongest socket head cap in the world

Engineers have traditionally selected stainless steel fasteners for applications that will be subject to corrosive environments due to the corrosion resistance they offer. However, standard stainless steel fasteners do not offer the same strength as carbon steel for example. This was considered an acceptable compromise by engineers as carbon steel would quickly corrode in corrosive environments.

However, BUMAX fasteners are different as they offer the best of both worlds – corrosion resistance and ultra-high strength. BUMAX products such as socket head cap fasteners provide engineers with ground-breaking solutions for the most demanding fastener applications.

Customer case story: Cleaning equipment for oil and gas wells

BUMAX socket head cap fasteners are used to fasten equipment used under the sea to clean oil and gas wells. The manufacturer chose BUMAX DX 129 fasteners due to their excellent corrosion resistance and the fact that they offer a 12.9 strength class. Ultra-high strength fasteners are extremely important in such a sub-sea application where fastener maintenance and replacement is extremely difficult, if not impossible in some cases.


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