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BUMAX fasteners are a preferred choice for fusion, nuclear and energy sciences when building particle accelerators and beamers due to their excellent impact strength at cryogenic temperatures, low levels of impurities, low magnetic permeability and the consistent performance of our products.

Our offering

BUMAX provides extremely high-quality fasteners in terms of thermal resistance, low-magnetic permeability and low-cobalt content to the world’s leading research institutions. These include CERN in Switzerland, Max IV in Sweden, Max Planck in Germany, and ITER in France.

Delivering customer value

High Performance – consistent, reliable and high-quality material.

Extreme temperature resistance – BUMAX offers product grades with excellent impact strength at cryogenic temperatures, as low as 4 degrees Kelvin (-269°C), as well as excellent mechanical properties and material stability for applications operating at high temperatures.

Low-magnetic permeability – BUMAX fasteners can be provided with non-magnetic properties to ensure they do not interfere with the magnetic field in accelerators.

Low-cobalt content – material compositions to avoid emitting gamma rays and radioactivity.

Low Risk of Galling – BUMAX products have very low risk of galling.  However, for even greater reliability, additional surface treatments and coatings are available.

Customized solutions – BUMAX can offer technical assistance to help deliver stainless steel fasteners according to customer unique requirements.

Certified materials – BUMAX products are exclusively European material & manufacture and available with 3.1 full product test certification (3.2 certificates on demand).

BUMAX is available worldwide

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