Temperature resistance

BUMAX fasteners can be custom made to cope with extreme operating temperatures of between -269°C (4 K) and 800°C.

High temperature resistant grades

BUMAX® HE and BUMAX® HEP are high temperature resistant grades optimized for high temperature conditions and are much more stable against ageing, gas oxidation, creep and strength losses compared with regular stainless steels. Data on strength losses at extreme temperatures, creep resistance and high temperature corrosion are available on request. Contact your local BUMAX sales representative to help you select the right material.

Cryogenic temperature resistant grades/products

Subzero and cryogenic temperatures in particular generally increase the brittleness of all steels and metals. However, austenitic stainless steels typically have better impact strength at cryogenic temperatures below -150 °C than Duplex, Ferritic and Martensitic stainless steel – depending on microstructure, chemical composition and internal stress.

BUMAX® 88 is an ideal product for use in cryogenic temperature applications as low -269 °C (4 K).

Understanding temperature

It is important to understand what happens with fasteners and their materials when operating at extreme temperatures for prolonged periods. Properties such as thermal expansion, strength, ductility, corrosion resistance and fatigue resistance are affected by temperature and it is crucial to understand its effect on the jointed application on a case by case basis. Furthermore, changes in mechanical properties might gradually change over time due to ageing and creep deformation.

Thermal expansion

Only the special high temperature resistant grades BUMAX® HE and BUMAX® HEP are recommended for prolonged use at temperatures above 300°C.

Grade Thermal expansion, mean values in temperature ranges (x10^-6) per °C
20 to 100ºC 20 to 200ºC 20 to 300ºC 20 to 400ºC 20 to 500ºC 20 to 600ºC
BUMAX 88  16.5  17  17.5  17.5  18  18
BUMAX 109  16.5  17  17.5  17.5  18  18
BUMAX Nitro 15 15.5 16  16.5  17  17
BUMAX SA 16 16 16.5  16.5  17  17
BUMAX LDX 12.5 13 13.5  13.5  14  14.5
BUMAX DX 12.5 13 13.5  13.5  14  14.5
BUMAX SDX 12.5 13 13.5  13.5  14  14.5
BUMAX HDX 12.5 13 13.5  13.5  14  14.5
BUMAX Ultra 11.5 12 12  12.5  12.5  13
BUMAX HE 16.5 16.5 17  17  17.5  17.5
BUMAX HEP 12 13 13  13.5  13.5  14

BUMAX is available worldwide

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