Magnetic permeability

BUMAX fasteners can be supplied with a particular magnetic permeability to meet your specific requirements.

Meeting your magnetic permeability requirements

Austenitic BUMAX fasteners can be provided with very low magnetic permeability for use in advanced applications such as nuclear, fusion reactors or particle accelerators. In contrast, we can supply fasteners with very high magnetic permeability and low coercive field strength and high saturation magnetization.

Grade Relative magnetic
permeability at 20ºC
BUMAX 88  1.006
BUMAX 109  1.007
BUMAX Nitro  1.003
BUMAX SA  1.003
BUMAX Ultra  1000
BUMAX HE  1.007
BUMAX HEP  1.001

About magnetic permeability

Relative magnetic permeability refers to a material’s ability to attract and conduct magnetic lines of flux. The more conductive a material is to magnetic fields, the higher its permeability.

Values in the table are typical relative magnetic permeability at 20°C. Magnetic properties depends on dimension, delivery form and degree of cold work. This information should be used as guidance only. Contact your local BUMAX sales representative for more information.

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