BUMAX® 109

BUMAX® 109 is your first choice for better corrosion resistance and strength in demanding applications.

The strongest fastener on the market

BUMAX® 88 and BUMAX® 109 have the same material composition but due to different manufacturing processes, BUMAX® 109 provides even higher strength than BUMAX® 88 and is the strongest A4 fastener on the market.

Fasteners with enhanced properties

BUMAX® 109 outperforms standard A4 fasteners in terms of:

  • yield strength
  • corrosion resistance
  • mechanical properties
  • magnetic permeability

These enhanced properties are achieved through a higher molybdenum content (minimum 2.5%), our unique manufacturing processes and sourcing of highest quality European raw material. In addition, all our products offer full traceability with 3.1 certificates on request.

Fasteners for demanding applications

BUMAX® 109 fasteners are used for water jets, sub-sea equipment, pumps, valves, wind turbines, high-pressure equipment, nuclear plants, submarines, particle accelerators and many other applications where commodity A4 fasteners are inadequate. As a result, BUMAX fasteners provide greater safety and will last significantly longer than standard A4 fasteners.


UNS: S31603

EN: 1.4432, 1.4436, 1.4435

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