BUMAX® ULTRA is the strongest fastener on the market and is frequently used to replace high strength carbon steel fasteners in critical applications.

The strongest fastener on the market – and it is stainless

BUMAX® ULTRA achieves its super high strength from unique strain hardening and precipitation hardening manufactured using Nobel Prize winning Quasi-Crystalline Precipitate technology. This method has been specifically designed for applications where ultra-high strength combined with high ductility is required in the final product.

The very high strength to weight ratio in combination with good formability and ductility make it a very attractive fastener alternative to other lightweight materials, e.g. Titanium. BUMAX® ULTRA also has a corrosion resistance comparable with 316L (A4) and can be used at service temperatures between -50 and 400°C with retained mechanical properties.

BUMAX Ultra Data Sheet

Advanced engineering grade for extreme applications

Despite being a stainless steel, BUMAX® ULTRA is frequently used to replace high strength carbon steel fasteners in critical applications with extreme requirements on strength and ductility.

All fasteners in BUMAX® ULTRA are custom made to meet the requirements of individual applications and can be delivered with different mechanical properties, with a tensile strength exceeding 1,700 MPa. BUMAX® ULTRA is an advanced engineering grade and BUMAX provides close technical support in order to develop an end solution that fully meets customer requirements.


  • Extreme strength– providing opportunities to downsize and design new lightweight options at lower cost.
  • Excellent weight to strength ratio.
  • Excellent fatigue and ductility properties– despite its high tensile strength, BUMAX® ULTRA offers excellent fatigue and ductility properties compared with other high strength fastener materials.
  • Good corrosion resistance– in most environments, comparable with 316L (A4).
  • Low thermal expansion.
  • Retained mechanical properties– at elevated temperatures.
  • Excellent relaxation properties.
  • All our products offer full traceability.

Benefits of high strength fasteners

  • Reduced size and weight.
  • Reduced number of fasteners needed.
  • Smaller screw joints.
  • Compact designs.
  • Increased clamping force.
  • Increased safety.


UNS: S46910


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