Strongest premium hexagon fastener

BUMAX supplies premium quality stainless steel hexagon fasteners in a variety of dimensions and grades.

Ultra-high strength fasteners

The BUMAX product range includes ultra-high strength premium hexagon fasteners that offer a unique combination of strength and good ductility.

We offer hexagon fasteners ranging from strength class 8.8 to 16.9 for applications where downsizing, clamping force and strength are critical. BUMAX hexagon fasteners are also resistant against hydrogen embrittlement.
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The strongest bolt in the world – and it’s stainless

Stainless steel fasteners are often selected for their corrosion resistance properties. However, they have the downside of not being as strong as carbon steel. BUMAX provides game-changing solutions for highly demanding critical applications that are both corrosion resistant and high strength.

Replacing carbon steel fasteners in critical applications

BUMAX hexagon fasteners are increasingly used to replace high-strength carbon steel fasteners in critical applications with extreme requirements on strength, ductility and fatigue resistance.

The BUMAX range offers a coefficient of thermal expansion similar to that of carbon steel, which provides opportunities to downsize to new lightweight fastener options at lower cost compared with austenitic stainless steels. The very high strength to weight ratio in combination with BUMAX good formability and ductility also make it a cost-effective fastener alternative to other lightweight materials such as titanium.

Customized fastener solutions

All BUMAX hexagon fasteners are custom made to meet the requirements of each specific application and can be delivered with different mechanical properties.

Customer case story: Bladt Industries

BUMAX supplied premium hexagon fasteners to Parkwind’s ‘Northwester 2’ 219 MW offshore wind farm off the coast of Belgium. BUMAX were the only stainless steel fastener manufacturer that was able to offer strength class 10.9.
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