Helping to overcome critical fastener quality issues in the biopharmaceutical industry


A leading global manufacturer of biopharmaceutical equipment switched to BUMAX screws for a critical application to overcome technical issues and improve quality.

BUMAX screws are used in an industry-leading range of high-quality equipment for the biopharmaceutical industry that allows consistent and reliable operations. The equipment enables efficient bioprocesses for biopharmaceutical companies.

BUMAX quality solves loosening issue

The customer switched to using a BUMAX® 88 screw at the base of the shaft of its next-generation product to secure key components. The equipment has a rotating shaft that is subject to high torque and loads.

“The customer previously had issues with the shaft unscrewing and becoming loose with standard stainless steel screws as they rotate at around 200 RPM for over 20 days,” explains Camille Feuillet, Business Development Manager – France, BUMAX. “This is obviously unacceptable in high-quality equipment as a lose shaft can result in significant cost, delays and disruption for biopharmaceutical companies.”

In February 2022, BUMAX provided sample screws for the customer to conduct tests and began regular deliveries in September 2022.

“The customer tests with BUMAX were very successful with no loosening of the shaft,” says Feuillet. “The switch to BUMAX is part of a wider design and supply chain overhaul that is helping the customer to even further enhance the quality of its products.”

Quality is key

The customer previously sourced standard stainless steel screws from a variety of different manufacturers with no consistency in terms of material and manufacturing quality.

“By sourcing BUMAX products, the customer is not only guaranteed extremely high-quality screws that are manufactured without imperfections or defects in the screw thread, but we also ensure full traceability,” says Feuillet. “The use of high-quality screws for this critical component is crucial to meet certain regulatory requirements and ensure the high performance of the customer’s products.”

The enhanced properties of BUMAX® 88 fasteners are achieved through a higher molybdenum content (minimum 2.5%), unique BUMAX manufacturing processes and the sourcing of the highest quality European steel. BUMAX® 88 fasteners are certified according to DIN EN 15048-1 (Non-preloaded structural bolting assemblies) and PED 2014/68/EU (Pressure Equipment Directive).

The importance of corrosion resistance

As the BUMAX screws are in contact with liquid inside the equipment, they are clinically cleaned and sterilized before use and cannot corrode during the 20+ day process.

“Customer tests have also shown that BUMAX screws do not corrode and they release far less microscopic particles than the standard screws the customer previously used,” concludes Feuillet. “Again, this is due to the high quality of BUMAX screws, but also their excellent material properties such as hardness.”

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